My name is Naomi (Rose) Lister

I am a proud Keerraywoorroong, Peekwoorroong woman. I am a traditional owner of the Eastern Maar. I respect all elders, both past and present. “Korroyt”-meaning Tower Hill at sunrise.

Welcome to my beautiful country, Gunditjmara land. I am from Framlingham. I call it Grand-Mothers country, because my great, great, great grandmother was born here on the side of Hopkins River. I have a lot of respect for my elders, my people and my country.

Framlingham is an Aboriginal mission which is 20 kilometres north of Warrnambool. In 1865 the Framlingham mission was established by the Angelican church, with Daniel Clarke as the administrator. In 1971 the Framlingham community was given free hold title to the 856 acres left of the original mission land.

In 1985, a further 2000 acres of forest was returned to the people of Framlingham Aboriginal settlement. A number of farms were purchased for the people in the Purnim area and two more in the Yambuk region. My family farm is in Princetown. It is a 500 acre farm which is run as a dairy.

I am a single mother with a beautiful daughter named Brandi.

I love seeing Brandi pursuing her artistic talents. Brandi has achieved a lot in a short period of time, and has won many awards for her artwork and the special effects on her art- work. I am a caring mother who is friendly, honest and welcoming. Family means the world to me and I am very grateful for their love and support.

I love doing my art and craft, my artwork keeps me going towards my goal. I also have achieved a lot in my lifetime from my artwork. My artwork and my culture has taken me to schools and kinder- gardens all around Gunditjmara land (Warrnambool), and public speaking all around Victoria; in hospitals, schools, and the community.

One of my proudest achievements was, when working for Worn Gundidj, for whom I have been working on and off, all my life. A beautiful lady came into my workplace and wanted a piece of my artwork for a label on a shampoo and conditioner bottle. I was so happy that she chose my artwork. It sold in 52 stores in Western Australia.

I am quite overwhelmed knowing that my artwork goes all over the world and knowing that my paintings bring joy to others and a smile to people who look at them.

But my biggest achievement was winning the Tower Hill @ Worn-Gundidj Qantas Awards for Aborriginal Torres Strait Island Tourism 2016-2017 and the Hall Of Fame in 2018.

Thank you and god bless, 

Kind regards,

Naomi Rose Lister